Handmade goods, forty years in the making.

My father, sisters and myself (right the middle) in 1964. I was already crafting gifts for my family every Christmas at the time!

My father, sisters and myself (right the middle) in 1964. I was already crafting gifts for my family every Christmas at the time!

This is my story.

Looking back, it all started in my childhood in the 60's - I sewed many of my clothes growing up. I was at some point given a basic knitting book, needles and yarn (a gift that I believe should be given to all young people). The pattern book was for items for "Barbie Dolls." My "Barbie Doll" subsequently had "many a scarf" and basic knit tunic dresses.

My first Knitting Book, still in my possession.

My first Knitting Book, still in my possession.

I moved on to knit purses (in what I now know was a "chunky" rug yarn) from a pattern in a magazine that appeared when I was in junior high school. Even then I was compelled to knit many purses in many colors to suit every dress (that I had sewn). I also knit many extras as gifts for friends and family. The compulsion to "craft for others" was solidified.

On and off for years afterwards my knitting skills were often on the back burner as I explored stained glass, gemstones and jewelry, candle-making and other creative outlets.

When friends and co-workers began having babies my basic knitting skills were revived for many, many well received baby blankets. And then one day, years ago, a wonderful co-worker taught me how to knit socks (thanks Stef!). This was revolutionary. Socks, really, WOW!  

"If" you have never had hand-knit socks on your feet then I would say that you do not know what you are missing. It is indescribable comfort. Hand-knit socks are one of the most amazing gifts you can give to a loved one. 

Fast forward a bit, and now I have been knitting with dedication (AKA every single day) these past 15+ years. I've been self-taught on many new techniques, always trying to learn more about yarns, gain skills and expand my knitting world. I mostly create gifts for family and friends, and knit for charity (shawls, socks, vests, hats, blankets, afghan squares, scarves, you name it. I'll knit whatever may be needed for many charitable causes).

Other than knitting? I love to cook, bake, garden and explore crafting.

I live on Long Island, NY with my husband (who recently became an advocate of all things knitting!), and I am a cheerleader for my two twenty-something children, who are out making their own dents on the world.

I do it just for you.

One of the greatest pleasures of knitting is being able to make custom pieces for family, friends or anyone who might want a little something cozy. I've created fingerless gloves for a photographer friend who needed their fingers free, some hats for nephew when he was going through chemo, and even a few pairs of slightly mismatched socks for my son who insists on wearing two different socks every day. From sizing to style to colors, I like to knit custom pieces for their future owners.